Most everything from C137 isn't applicable in my new reality.  I'll be designing my own stuff that I think is cool I hope y'all like it as much as I do.

Step 2: Establish Prime Directive

Crowdfunding is what we are doing and we are sticking to it! As much as we would have liked to start the new direction on a high note, often failure comes before success.  The Build Frame and Silo75C preorders did not go as planned, full refunds were issued to all supporters and Modcrate will work on developing a more successful campaign method. 

We are speaking with several US-based manufacturers and are hoping to relaunch the Silo in March. This time with anodizing and DNA boards as an add-on option.  

Step 1: Aquire Volcano

I don't like visiting the post office 42 times a week.