Build Frame 118.66.39


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Build Frames are not for beginner makers, some fabrication is required to make front back and side panels.  Put your DIYer tools to use 3d print, route or laser a set of doors for the frame to put your spin on this enclosure.  

***Panels not included***  For more info on panel fabrication, join the Mod Crate Facebook group. HERE or download from the library.

Panel Documentation (22FEB17)


  • 30mm 510 counterbore
  • Magnet pocket for 3/16" cylindrical magnets
  • 6-32 threading for main panels
  • 0-80 threading for face plate
  • OD:4.65" x 2.60" x 1.53"
  • ID: 4.30" x 2.25" x 1.38"