XSV BF 118.66.25


$ 45.00  $ 70.00


The XSV Build Frame (XSV BF) is more than a project enclosure. Its a platform designed to give you creative freedom.  The XSV features an adjustable Z-direction (depth) build volume allowing you, the modder, to choose between small form factor batteries or massive high capacity Lipo packs.  Additional features include 3 mm deep front and rear pockets for decorative panels as well as side and top cutouts for additional paneling and 24 threaded mounting points for future accessories.

This platform is by no means RTR and should be purchased only by enthusiast builders and craftsmen.  


  • Stainless Steel 4-40 socket head machine screws (8)
  • Tab Spacers (4)
  • Face Plate (1)
  • Back Plate (1)


All units in millimeters

OD: 118 x 66 x 25

ID: ~111 x 59 x 12